Rooted in Missoula, Montana, Design Missoula helps brands grow their roots, too.

What we do at Design Missoula goes beyond branding and marketing. We are here to grow your roots.

We like to think about businesses as trees: living, changing, growing things that flourish as long as they have enough space, nourishment, and support. Trees that can grow ever upward as long as they have a solid root system–both deep and wide.

Many businesses have dedicated a lot of time, resources, and thought to branding and marketing efforts, but don’t have a cohesive, comprehensive plan that serves as their foundation–their roots. Our goal, above all else, is to help you build that foundation–the one that will allow your brand and your company to grow and flourish for years to come.

A bit more about us

We were founded by Sara Kauk in 2010 in Missoula, Montana. Since then, our one-woman design operation has grown into a core team of root-growing enthusiasts who have helped hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes, located all over the world, find their identity and voice.

We create unique, memorable brands that evoke emotion and connection from customers and clients. Our very favorite thing is the process of creating those brands from start to finish: going from ideas and strategie to the final design that really works.

We work with heart, intelligence and precision.

Our Team

One of our very favorite words is collaboration. We know well that the best things come from putting our heads together–both within our close-knit team and with our clients’ teams. We’ve been working together for years, and through it all we’ve completed mountains of projects, tiny and huge, each with their own goal, their own spirit, and their own voice.

We brainstorm, create, innovate, problem-solve, build, and troubleshoot together.

What can we do for you?

sara kauk - owner - design missoula
Sara Kauk
As a designer, user experience advocate, and community-driven individual, I’m passionate about creating innovative products to help solve problems and bring high quality and life-changing opportunities to others.
• Marketing
• Brand Identity
• Graphic Design
• Project Management
• User Experience
• Public Relations
• Search Engine Optimization
michael lake - digital strategist - design missoula
Mike Lake
As a designer-turned-developer, I love to see whole process, from dreaming up ideas and developing a plan to actually putting pen to paper and code to screen. I’m a fanatic for seeing projects through to the finish. I live for troubleshooting, and I thrive on seeing clients thrilled with the final project, no matter the medium.
• Digital Marketing
• Graphic Design
• Front End Developer
• Digital Advertising
• Search Engine Optimization
sarah aswell - content strategist - design missoula
Sarah Aswell
I’m a writer in love with the idea that you can make people feel deeply about anything just by combining 26 letters in different ways. Over the years, I’ve worked as a journalist, essayist, editor, and brand marketer, writing for everyone from The New Yorker to Nike. I love to find a company’s true voice, and to use that voice as a foundation for their brand as well as the central way that they communicate with their clients and customers.
• Content Writing
• Content Strategy
• Branding & Tag Lines
• Corporate Blogging
• PR writing (Press Releases, etc.)
• Video Scripts
• Search Engine Optimization

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