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Efficient, flexible, and team oriented

Design Missoula has been a fantastic help to my business unit in the last 12 months. Not only is Sara knowledgeable but she reacts very fast and is an amazing creator of ideas to help customers do things differently. She offers concepts, propose solutions, finds alternatives and finalizes your solution in an extremely professional manner. In many time sensitive cases, Sara has been able to develop the PulseLarsen Antennas website with the help of her team, and created innovative online brochures and banners. She is redesigning our catalogs to make it easier to update as well as add personality and strengthen our branding. She creates magazine advertisements that are right on track and before deadline. Sara takes a project from scratch and always find a way to converge towards a phenomenal solution and is always flexible to negotiate with team members (engineers, customer service, sales, marketing) to find the most efficient way to gather information. I highly recommend Sara, and her team at Design Missoula, for your business.

Olivier Robin General Manager, PulseLarsen Antennas, Wireless Infrastructure

Extremely Fast and Great Communication

I worked with Sara at Design Missoula to design trade show graphics and point of sale materials to promote new products we were launching at our annual Expedia Partner Conference. Sara was awesome to work with-extremely fast, great communication, and brought a ton of new ideas to the table. Would definitely recommend her and plan to work with her again on future projects. 

Steve Bendt Product Marketing Director

Fun, Professional, Responsive, Passionate

Those are just a few of the words that come to mind when I reflect on my experience in working with Sara Kauk and her team at Design Missoula.

With so many website design companies to choose from, finding the right company to build our new websites felt like an overwhelming task. After a GREAT deal of research, I was lucky to be referred to Design Missoula. After our initial phone consultation, I was SOLD! They took the time to understand the scope of my projects and set up a plan of action on how to execute. They had great communication through the whole process and have been prompt answer all my MANY questions along the way. I was a little apprehensive to contract with a company out of state, but that has not posed a problem at all. After completing these projects, I now feel like we are old friends!

The design and functionality of the new websites turned out better than I could have expected. They really listened and understood what we needed in our sites and made it happen. I am so happy with the end result. Now that the sites are completed, it’s nice to know that the relationship is not over and I can still count on Design Missoula to help us grow and enhance them moving forward.

Alexis Wenker Executive Director, The Oregon Golf Course Superintendents Association

Superb design & professional creative design services!

About two years ago, we began using Design Missoula and soon realized that they are able to produce more than just great designs. They are truly a full service business, and have helped us with all of our design and printing needs. We are excited to start planning out a new website too!

You would be hard-pressed to find a company that offers the level of service that Design Missoula provides. Sara Kauk leads the team and is the consummate professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, and has gone well above the call of duty in helping me to run and grow my business over the last couple of years. She has strong attention to detail, and is always there for us, making sure we meet all of our critical deadlines.

In the fast-paced technological environment in which we live, it is important to partner with a company like Design Missoula that you can rely on to help move your business forward and constantly stay a step ahead of your competition.

Brooke Brown CEO, Push The Limit

Excellence in design

At the core, Sara has the ability to deliver excellence in design. She achieves this with the perfect collection of skills: Technical skills with the industry leading tools, smart, excellent project management, business understanding and a passion for everything she pursues. What struck me the most is her ability to discern what needs to be done. This is a critical attribute for a designer. Her ability to dig in, understand and deliver exactly what was needed was always consistent. Another attribute of Sara is she is a leader. She has excellent management capabilities, but also was a positive influence on all her co-workers. Well liked (loved) by anyone you ask in the organization. Sara also held a rare trait, she was empowered by accountability – she always wanted to make sure, or know, that what she was doing was making a difference.

Sara will deliver and create meaningful design that goes deeper than the design itself. It will matter. Sara is easily inspired, impassioned, smart and analytical. She has an insatiable desire to learn. I would recommend Sara’s service to everyone. She won’t just deliver what you want, she will deliver what you didn’t know you wanted, better.

Tim Christensen Vann's, Director of Technology & Media at Vann’s, Inc.

Highly recommend Sara and her creative staff!

Sara is a personable, professional designer I would highly recommend for companies seeking to augment their creative staff. Sara’s rates are reasonable and she delivers projects on time and within budget. I’ve worked with Sara on multiple design projects and she has become an important team member at our start-up, due to her extensive knowledge of the field and creative skills.

Brad Monahan Assura Product Manager, UI/UX Designer

Now proud to hand out our branded materials!

I first learned about Design Missoula and Sara Kauk when she approached us to be a part of an extremely successful promotion. The day we posted their promotional poster in our front door way, we noticed how many people who stopped to read it. Not only did they stop, they came in the door to ask who created it!

I am a small business owner and manager of a retail skin care store and med spa. This year we decided to really start to re-brand ourselves. We remodeled our facility and knew that we also needed to create a better online experience. Of course, the first person that came to mind was the person who made people stop in their tracks; Sara Kauk. Our experience with Sara has been more than we could have dreamed up. After interviewing several web/logo designers, it was obvious that Sara was the perfect fit for us. She came prepared to our meetings, already knowing more about our business than we could have explained to her in our first meeting. She took time to listen and presented us with the most amazing package that she felt would get us to our goals. While designing our logo, she gently steered us in the direction she felt would be the most beneficial for our business. I know skin care and makeup, not logo design, so her experience was valued and proved to be right.

I am now proud to hand out my business card (logo and card designed by Sara). I have had several people ask me who designed them and have since used her to design their cards. I never hesitate to send colleagues to her, knowing they will be fully taken care of and be more than pleased with the results she delivers.

We are just about to launch our website and she got it right on the first try! After working together for a few months and on several projects, she knew exactly what we wanted and needed out of a website; not only the functionality, but the esthetic design which is extremely important in our industry.

Sara Kauk is talented, professional and creative. I couldn’t imagine a better experience through all of this and we will continue to refer and used DesignMissoula for all of our branding and website needs.

Jennifer Clouse Skin Chic Co-Owner/Manager

Exemplary volunteer with thoughtful design!

Sara is an exemplary volunteer and marketing manager at the Zootown Arts Community Center in Missoula, Montana (ZACC). As a long-standing member of the ZACC team and volunteer family, Sara helped found the center in 2008. She has always seen the bigger picture and helps where needed. She is thoughtful, reflective, and creative. She is kind, inventive, and entrepreneurial towards her efforts helping with ZACC projects. Sara Kauk is one of those people you hope to hire and retain for as long as you can because she has the natural skills to execute whatever is placed in front of her. She will be an asset to any business or position for which she applies. Please call the center and speak with any staff member or myself to hear more about Sara Kauk and her involvement with the community art center in Missoula.

Hanna Hannan Executive Director Educational Programming at ZACC

They go above and beyond what is necessary.

Sara Kauk and her design team at DesignMissoula have provided my businesses, REcreate designs and the Missoula MADE fair with design and website services for the past couple of years. Their attention to detail and meeting and exceeding all my expectations is why I strongly recommend them to anyone needing web, print, or other design services.

We hired Design Missoula to develop an ecommerce site that would be easy to update and be managed internally with occasional assistance. We provided some samples of websites we liked, simple mock-ups for the look and feel, as well as a site map. We were then provided with a beautiful site that visitors could navigate with ease and was visually inspiring. Over the past year we have continued to work with them to create a basic wordpress based website for the Missoula MADE fair, a local alternative arts & crafts market. They have been very helpful in resolving any issues that have come up in a very timely manner.

DesignMissoula is an amazing little design firm that is involved in the community, gives back, and has strong working relationships with all of their clients. They support and are dedicated to the local businesses and nonprofits that have hired them and make every effort to go above and beyond what is necessary. They are good people, easy to work with, and good at what they do.

I have known and worked with Sara Kauk for over five years beginning when we were both graphic designers at Vann’s. We did catalog, print, logo development, and website maintenance. She is knowledgeable about what is possible and will research to find the answer and solution to whatever problem you would like solved.

It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for DesignMissoula without reservation.

Carolyn Lapotka, Owner REcreate designs

Design Missoula’s input in increasing our exposure and creating value through education for the services we provide has elevated us to a level above other entities providing care in similar areas

Interfacing with a complex extensive network of professionals as well as patients is critical to our business model. We spent a great deal of time diligently researching firms that could help us project our corporate mission, identity and our unique practice model in a professionally responsible way.

Design Missoula was instrumental in designing an informational/educational format for not only our web-based presence but for our external marketing plans that was not focused on selling or advertising, but on the responsible professional education of our target audience. We feel that Design Missoula’s input in increasing our exposure and creating value through education for the services we provide has elevated us to a level above other entities providing care in similar areas.

We would strongly recommend Design Missoula to any practice or entity that is interested in creating a professional identity that is value as well as patient oriented.  Design Missoula understands the fine balance between “marketing” and “advertising” and the ethical and professional obligations that we have as to provide this information to consumers and referral sources in a responsible way that educates and informs them about the services we provide.

Clark Owen Taylor, B.A., D.D.S., M.D. Surgical Sleep Solutions & Surgical Arts Centre

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