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I first learned about Design Missoula and Sara Kauk when she approached us to be a part of an extremely successful promotion. The day we posted their promotional poster in our front door way, we noticed how many people who stopped to read it. Not only did they stop, they came in the door to ask who created it!

I am a small business owner and manager of a retail skin care store and med spa. This year we decided to really start to re-brand ourselves. We remodeled our facility and knew that we also needed to create a better online experience. Of course, the first person that came to mind was the person who made people stop in their tracks; Sara Kauk. Our experience with Sara has been more than we could have dreamed up. After interviewing several web/logo designers, it was obvious that Sara was the perfect fit for us. She came prepared to our meetings, already knowing more about our business than we could have explained to her in our first meeting. She took time to listen and presented us with the most amazing package that she felt would get us to our goals. While designing our logo, she gently steered us in the direction she felt would be the most beneficial for our business. I know skin care and makeup, not logo design, so her experience was valued and proved to be right.

I am now proud to hand out my business card (logo and card designed by Sara). I have had several people ask me who designed them and have since used her to design their cards. I never hesitate to send colleagues to her, knowing they will be fully taken care of and be more than pleased with the results she delivers.

We are just about to launch our website and she got it right on the first try! After working together for a few months and on several projects, she knew exactly what we wanted and needed out of a website; not only the functionality, but the esthetic design which is extremely important in our industry.

Sara Kauk is talented, professional and creative. I couldn’t imagine a better experience through all of this and we will continue to refer and used DesignMissoula for all of our branding and website needs.

Jennifer Clouse Skin Chic Co-Owner/Manager August 27, 2017


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