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Sara is an exemplary volunteer and marketing manager at the Zootown Arts Community Center in Missoula, Montana (ZACC). As a long-standing member of the ZACC team and volunteer family, Sara helped found the center in 2008. She has always seen the bigger picture and helps where needed. She is thoughtful, reflective, and creative. She is kind, inventive, and entrepreneurial towards her efforts helping with ZACC projects. Sara Kauk is one of those people you hope to hire and retain for as long as you can because she has the natural skills to execute whatever is placed in front of her. She will be an asset to any business or position for which she applies. Please call the center and speak with any staff member or myself to hear more about Sara Kauk and her involvement with the community art center in Missoula.

Hanna Hannan Executive Director Educational Programming at ZACC August 27, 2017


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