Excellence in design

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At the core, Sara has the ability to deliver excellence in design. She achieves this with the perfect collection of skills: Technical skills with the industry leading tools, smart, excellent project management, business understanding and a passion for everything she pursues. What struck me the most is her ability to discern what needs to be done. This is a critical attribute for a designer. Her ability to dig in, understand and deliver exactly what was needed was always consistent. Another attribute of Sara is she is a leader. She has excellent management capabilities, but also was a positive influence on all her co-workers. Well liked (loved) by anyone you ask in the organization. Sara also held a rare trait, she was empowered by accountability – she always wanted to make sure, or know, that what she was doing was making a difference.

Sara will deliver and create meaningful design that goes deeper than the design itself. It will matter. Sara is easily inspired, impassioned, smart and analytical. She has an insatiable desire to learn. I would recommend Sara’s service to everyone. She won’t just deliver what you want, she will deliver what you didn’t know you wanted, better.

Tim Christensen Vann's, Director of Technology & Media at Vann’s, Inc. August 27, 2017


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