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5 Great Reasons to Rebrand (And A Few Reasons Not To!)

Branding is hard enough on it’s own, but rebranding comes with a number of added complications and complexities. But before your business or organization jumps into a rebranding project, you need to be sure that rebranding is the best choice for you and that you are making the choice for a good reason.

Here are five great reasons to rebrand:

  • You company is changing direction in a major way. Maybe you are introducing a new product or service – or maybe one of your products or services is now your main focus. Maybe your mission or philosophy has changed. Or maybe you want to emphasize something that separates you from the competition. These are all very smart and very valid reasons to make a brand change.
  • You are facing a trademark issue. Sometimes rebranding isn’t so much a decision as a necessity. If your logo happens to look too much like someone else’s, or if you are in some other legal issue involving your brand, the smartest thing to do may be to rebrand and start anew.
  • You are looking out of date. Your logo, color scheme and tagline might have been “totally tubular” in 1995, but now everyone notices how stale it looks instead of noticing who you are and what you do. In some cases, rebranding is the best thing you can do to get current, look more professional, and escape old trends and styles.
  • You are growing out of your old brand. Maybe your name has “Montana” in it even though you are now selling products internationally. Maybe your little one-person law office now has three partners. Maybe your logo looks a bit amateurish considering the big clients you are landing. The bigger and better your business is getting, the more you can and should afford to elevate your brand.
  • You current brand is losing you business. In some cases, you may simply realize that your brand isn’t doing the legwork for you that it should. Your brand or logo may be ill conceived or poorly executed or simply confusing. Don’t worry – it is not too late to fix things. A number of famous, successful companies have rebranded with amazing results (think Target and Old Spice). All they had to do was take a deep breath and take the leap.

 What are some poor reasons to rebrand?

  • Everybody else is doing it!
  • A new employee is pushing for it!
  • We haven’t rebranded in a while!
  • You think it will fix all of your business’ other problems!

Ruminate About A Rebrand With Design Missoula

At Design Missoula, our team can help you through something as simple as a logo update to something as complex as a full rebranding project. And we don’t just do the legwork on your rebranding efforts, we will do our best to be at your side every step of the way, helping you make the best possible choices for your business, your employees, and your clients.

Want to talk rebranding with our team? Contact us today.

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