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Web Design

Counter Assault, a company that manufactures bear spray and pepper spray, liked the content and general idea of their website, but they were ready to update. Their current site was too cluttered and busy, not to mention they were having trouble with hacking and security issues.

When they called Design Missoula for help, they were ready to upgrade to something more modern and sleeker while preserving much of their content, which included safety information, technical information about their sprays, and educational videos. We were more than happy to help!

The Solution: A Modern Look With Lots of Features

We solved Counter Assault’s significant clutter problem simply by organizing their content into clearly designated areas – placing the videos in a library, creating a blog for new-related content, and writing a list of helpful resources.

Next, we created a strong, simple above-the-fold image that clearly showcased their main product, bear spray, as well as their ideal customer, a backpacker.

Finally, we focused deeply on the spray’s many features that put it above the rest: a long history of awards and success, optimal spray time and spray distance, and a strong tradition of scientific research.

Much of the content was simply edited and organized using content from the original site, though new, search-engine optimized content was created when needed. All of the content was primarily education-based, helping visitors not only understand how to use spray, but how to stay safe generally when recreating in areas with bears and other wildlife.

The main new features of the website include:

  • A responsive, mobile design.
  • A clean, uncluttered look.
  • An e-commerce section so visitors can purchase goods.
  • A blog to share their news and updates.
  • A library for their great video collection.
  • Separate pages for their self-defense, law enforcement, and electric fence products.
  • More About Counter Assault

Counter Assault is the industry’s leader in bear spray production, though it also produces other bear safety products as well as personal defense products like pepper spray. The company’s 30-year history of quality products, coupled with their spray’s optimal spray time and spray distance, make it a popular choice among both suppliers out outdoor goods and outdoor enthusiasts alike, including fishermen, hunters, hikers, backpackers, and campers.

Is It Time For You To Unclutter Your Website?

It’s amazing what a little design can do. Even though Counter Assault had great content, it wasn’t able to do its work or help users without some thoughtful design, organization, and breathing room. If your site needs some similar help (or if your site has some of its own special issues!), we are here to help. Call Design Missoula today to tell us what you need and take the first step to a website that works for you and your users.


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