Logo Design

Logo Design

Bob Ward’s has been in business in Montana for almost 100 years, supplying adventurous Montanans with all manner of sporting and outdoor gear that makes exploring, recreating, and hunting easier and better. Recently, they wanted to update their logo with something that was both familiar and fresh – a logo that would convey their long tradition of excellence as well as their continuing ability to supply their customers with modern outdoor gear at the very best value.

When working with Design Missoula to update their logo, they requested an image that was adventurous, athletic, appropriate, and noticeable. They also wanted the logo design to convey the following ideas and imagery:

  • A local, longstanding Montana company.
  • A connection between the old and the new.
  • A connection to nature and the outdoors.
  • A modern sports and outdoors retailer.
  • Inspiration to get outdoors and try new things.

To create the logo, we decided to preserve the font to keep consistency, but update the image to include classic Montana imagery: a sweep of mountains, a dash of trees, and a hint of a river. The unique and strong font reminds customers of the long history of Bob Ward’s stores, while the updated spacing, colors, and imagery keeps the logo looking modern, fresh, and up-to-date.

Brand Identity Guidelines & An Icon to Boot

Because Bob Ward’s wished to consistently apply its new logo across its brand, the company also requested a Branding Style Guide – a document that clearly outlines exactly how the logo should be used in different environments, including print publications, presentations, online marketing, and more. This packet of guidelines ensures that the brand will not be compromised or lose its integrity. It also ensures that your brand will be constant, recognizable, and cohesive when presented to the outside world.

In addition to the logo and brand identity guidelines, Bob Ward’s also requested an icon based on the updated logo. This icon can be incredibly useful for online marketing and social media marketing as well as for a host of other purposes. For example, the icon is currently being used for Bob Ward’s Facebook profile picture.

Get to Know Bob Ward’s…

Bob Ward’s is Montana’s oldest and largest sports and outdoor retailer. They have been selling gear that helps Montanans camp, run, hike, climb, hunt, fish, ski, paddle, and play for 97 years – since 1917! With locations in Missoula, Bozeman, Helena, Butte and Hamilton, they are committed to providing their customers with stellar service, top-rated gear, great selection, and overall value.


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