Logo Design

Logo Design

Rhino Roofing is a business in Missoula that needed a truly great logo to go along with the rest of its business plan. It wanted its logo and branding to be just like the signature product it planned to offer: a tough, rough and tumble roof that can stand up against the worst Montana weather, decades at a time.

The Rhino Roofing System

After the founder of Rhino Roofing had been in the business for 15 years, he was ready to go out on his own and start a new roofing company focused completely on quality and service. His signature product would be the Rhino Roofing System, which offers 40-year shingles, synthetic felt underlayment, and water and ice shields on all eaves and rakes. This tough, comprehensive roof protection is so thorough that many customers can get an 8-35 percent break in their homeowners insurance rate just for using it – and Rhino Roofing will happily work with homeowners and their insurance companies to get the price break.

The Rhino Roofing Logo

To create a logo as tough as the Rhino Roofing System, Design Missoula began with the animal itself: staunch, thick-skinned, unmoving, and all business. Our rhino, which stands on top of the Rhino Roofing business name, as if to protect it, is meant to look particularly steadfast and grounded – perhaps against the unforgiving Montana winters. Its shoulders and hips slope upward, not only recalling images of strength and brawn, but also the slopes and eaves of a roof.

The font we chose was also strong, blocky, and firm – detailed with two horizontal lines that again create a look of architecture, solidness, and protection.

Rhino Roofing: Coming Soon to Missoula & The Bitterroot Valley

Logo in place, Rhino Roofing will be starting business soon in Missoula and throughout the Bitterroot Valley. In addition to offering the Rhino Roofing System, the new roofing services company will also provide the following services:

  • Residential reroofing.
  • New construction roofs.
  • Mobile home roofs.
  • Flat roofs.
  • Roof repairs.
  • Roof preventative maintenance.
  • Roof tune-ups.
  • Replacement shingles.
  • Pipe flashings and flashings replacements.
  • Chimney flashings and flashings replacements.

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