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Let Design Missoula be your logo life preserver!

So you want to follow your dream and start a business? Great! You have a cool idea but where do you go from here?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to wade into the deep waters of BRANDING!!

Branding is an interesting challenge for a new business owner, along with your business plan, tax information, budget and hours of operation you need the following to take you to the next level:

  1. An amazing name! Most new business owners usually have this named down but not all.
  2. Slogan… Gotta have a slogan that rings in customer’s heads. I know you can sing a famous slogan from memory… right now!
  1. Last but not least… a LOGO!

I know, I know this seems so overwhelming but rest assured, we have a life preserver to throw you in the Name of Design Missoula!

You tell us your ideas and Our Strategic Storytellers can net you the perfect fish er.. I mean logo design to help target the correct audience and help people find and emotional connection with your brand.

In short, we are the here to help with all your branding needs starting with a logo. We can even teach you and your employees how to live your Brand!

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