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Hold the Phone – What is Content Strategy?

We recently announced that Design Missoula is now offering content strategy to our growing list of services. But while many people are excited about the news, other people asked us to back up: what exactly is content strategy, and how can it help your business?

In this post, we will take a much closer look at content strategy, from the dictionary definition to the deliverables.

Our Content Strategy Services

Content strategy is the long-term planning, development, and management of all of your business’ content, from your web content to your blog posts to your print material to your email newsletter. The goal of a great content strategy is to make sure that your brand is consistent, that your content is high quality, and that your content creation is as regular and as efficient as possible.

But what does content strategy look like in action, and how can content strategy help you business, right now? Here are some of the content strategies we offer:

  • Content audit. If you feel like you have a lot of content, but you aren’t sure if any of it is working, a content audit may help. We organize and categorize all of your existing content, from each of your website’s pages to each of your printed promotional pieces. We also examine their quality and usefulness and rank them on a scale of 1-5.
  • Content recommendations. Once the content audit is done, we can look at the resulting spreadsheet and get a great understanding of what content you need to create, which content you need to update, and which content should be destroyed forever. A content review will include your best plan for action, though you will have the final word when it comes to deciding which strategies you’d like to try first.
  • Editorial calendar. One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is revamping all of their content, and then letting it sit around for five years as it gets old and outdated. An editorial calendar will outline exactly when content is reviewed and created and by whom. It ensures that your content will always be new, accurate, and fresh.
  • Style guide. Larger companies with multiple content creators can benefit tremendously from a style guide: a document that outlines exactly how content should be created and reviewed. Style guides make sure that the tone of your content is consistent with your brand and that your content reads professionally.
  • For businesses that create lots of different types of content, having templates for each type can help your content creators stay organized and remain consistent. Content written for a blog, for example, will be extremely different from press release content or newsletter content.
  • Ghost writing and blogging. We offer regular content creation and blogging services to make certain that your website is regularly populated with new content, that your newsletter always goes out on time, and that your writing is polished and professional.
  • Content gap analysis. What kinds of content are you missing? A content gap analysis will help you understand what your users need from you and what you should create in the coming months and years.
  • Content competitive analysis. What types of content do your competitors have? What types of content do you have that they don’t? Do you need to emulate your competitors or go in a completely different direction? A competitive analysis can help you see clearly how you fit in with the rest of your industry.
  • Content production training. Our content strategist can meet with your content creators to explain everything we’ve learned from the content audit – from what kinds of content are important to users to how a piece of content should be edited and published. These training sessions could include everything from simple grammar lessons to a CMS walkthrough.

Stop randomly producing content – get a content strategy!

 So many clients we work with are overwhelmed by the prospect of content production – and only create new content under pressure. After some content strategy help, the same clients are relaxed and have a detailed plan to guide them.

Would you like to try one or more of our content strategy services?Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (406) 370-6353 today to learn more.

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