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Delivering an Omni-Channel Experience

Being a consumer, locating what you need, and finding information has become easier than ever. But for businesses and organizations, finding the correct way to reach their audience has become increasingly difficult because of quickly developing technologies and a quickly changing world. One-channel marketing and multi-channel marketing are things of the past – now users wish for (or require) an omni-channel experience as they contemplate their choices.

What Is Omni-Channel Marketing and the Omni-Channel Experience?

In the past, a person would go to a local store, look at hats, and buy the hat that best suited them. But this is no longer the case – not by a long shot. In today’s world, a person might see a hat on their favorite pop singer in a picture on Instagram, Google the hat, and find out where the hat is sold. They might then visit the website of the hat’s manufacturer, drive to a nearby store that sells the hat, and check competitor hat prices (and hat coupons) online while they’re in the aisle. While the old school way of buying a hat didn’t involve any technology, the omni-channel experience of buying the hat could involve social media websites, mobile apps, tablets, laptops, and cell phones.

Building a Website & A Brand Around the Omni-Channel Experience

Now that you know more about what the omni-channel experience is, how can you help create one for your users, clients, and customers? Here are a few ways to get started.

  • Build a responsive website. The first and best step you can make toward creating an omni-channel experience is making certain that you website is easy to use no matter what platform your user is on. A responsive website changes size and shape so that it can be easily viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This is ideal for a users who may visit you on the web while at home, on the go, or even at your office or store.
  • Integrate social media. Today’s user wants to be able to follow your posts, check in on Facebook, take pictures, and Tweet about their experiences, good and bad. Help them easily bounce between their social media platforms, your website, and your social media pages by adding social buttons to your website and regularly posting social media updates.
  • Be consistent. It is important to give your users a familiar-looking experience whether they are on your website, on your social media page, in your store, or using your app. Build this consistency by developing your branding strategy and making certain all of your content is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Be available. The key to understanding omni-channel marketing is understanding that users want to connect in a large variety of ways, using a large variety of devices, at all times of the day (and night). Making certain that you are there for your users wherever and whenever they look is the most important piece of the puzzle. Before worrying about consistency or integration, be sure that you are present and that you are offering your users as many options for action as possible.

Branding & Design for Omni-Channel Marketing

At Design Missoula, we are constantly learning about how users navigate the web, making choices, and connect with businesses and organization. This knowledge informs our branding strategies, our website designs, and our content creation. To learn more contact us below or call us at (406) 370-6353.

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