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If the tree is your business, then the roots are your brand

Whether you are starting a new business or rebranding an existing one, you are going to need some big, strong roots.

Roots, you say? Yes, roots!

At Design Missoula, we love to think about businesses as trees: living, changing, growing things that flourish as long as they have enough space, enough sun, and enough water. And of course, trees can’t grow tall, get nutrients, or bend safely in the wind without roots.

If the tree is your business, then the roots are your brand.

Before your branches reach into the sky, and before you sprout some lovely leaves, you are going to need your brand to act as your foundation and your anchor. In other words, yep, you got it: your roots.

Understanding The Four Functions Of Roots

Roots are often just seen as the thing that holds a tree in the ground, but in reality, roots have lots of very important jobs. In the same way, making certain that you have a solid brand means more than just giving it a name and an identity, it means giving your business a lot of advantages that will continue to pay off for years to come.

Let’s look at how your roots–your brand–help your company from day one.

The five major functions of roots:

• Roots anchor and support the tree. First and foremost, your brand defines your company and gives it a name, a personality, and your overall customer experience.

• Roots absorb and nutrients. Your brand will be absolutely key in bringing in revenue. Not to mention that your brand will also be vital to bringing in business, bringing in customers, and bringing in employees who are excited to work for you. A great brand will also attract new business opportunities.

• Roots store energy. The very best brands inspire. If you’ve created a meaningful, innovative, and cohesive brand, it will inspire customers, clients, employees, the public, and other businesses alike.

• Roots spring new trees. Your brand may very well spawn new brands, including branded products, new branded services, and even new businesses. These brands will all be related and connected.

• Roots keep the competition in check. Your brand will help define what separates you from the competition, while working on brand loyalty will help keep customers coming back to you for products and services.

If You Still Don’t Think Roots Are Amazing…Roots don’t just have the five basic functions mentioned above–they are also simply an amazing aspect of nature that have taken literally millions of years to evolve.

Here are a few more great root facts (that are also branding facts!):

• Tree roots grow both down and across. Vertical roots can grow literally hundreds of feet into the ground, and lateral roots can be as wide as 90 feet in diameter. Having a brand that has both depth and width can help your business grow strong and reach millions.

• Every tree has a tap root. A tap root is the biggest, thickest central root of the tree, which spawns primary and secondary roots. All of these components together create a complex root system. This is also absolutely true in branding: the main “tap root” of your brand consists of main components such as your logo, your tagline, your website, and your mission statement. Off of these components, we build dozens or even hundreds of other related elements that all work together in harmony.

• Over time, roots can crack foundations, snap water lines, and lift sidewalks. Roots may look pretty static, but in reality, they are on the move and they can have a huge affect on the surrounding environment. Even when you are not working on your brand, your brand is working for you.

We Want To Help You Establish Your Roots

At Design Missoula, we specialize in creating, growing, and strengthening your roots. Talk to our team today about how we can help you with your branding efforts, from updating or analyzing your current brand, to creating a new vision completely. Call us today to schedule a meeting, ask a question, or learn more about roots!

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